Şahinpleksi History

  • 2008

    Date of Establishment

    Our company, which is frequently listed in the sector, has met the sector in 2008, as Şahin Plexi produces Plexi Stair Railings.

  • 2012

    Beginning of Activity

    Our factory was founded by our company in 2012, with the goal of reaching the top of the industry and beginning to work on customer needs and demands.

  • 2015

    Global Trade

    Our company, which specialises in Plexi stair railings, proved its worth in 2015 when it began serially exporting to 13 countries.

  • 2015

    Fast Export

    In 2019, it increased the number of countries to which it exports serially to 24 with the aid of its expert management team and working staff. Our company, Şahin Plexi, continues to be a leader in the industry by concentrating on shared satisfaction with its clients.

how can we help you?

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As Şahin Pleksi, we are in a pioneering position in the field of business, taking the reward of their work in the plexi balustrade sector in a selfless way. We work to maintain this success by following technological developments and taking the right strategic steps in order to fulfill the requirements of the sector, and to provide the best service that can be done under necessary conditions. In line with customer requests, you can easily leave the design and decoration of your personal living spaces to Şahin Pleksi team, which is the address of quality.

Şahin Yıldız
General Manager

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