About Us

About Us

As we have been in the sector since 2008 and as Şahin Plexi by year of 2012, we continues to render a service with our young and dynamic staff.


We carry out solution-oriented works for you with the energy that you provide us by producing solutions that meet customer demands. Our projects are available in all kinds of systems and manufacturing with our specialized and professional employees in the field. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction with our current quality.
We are at your service with our durable and reliable product options in the field of plexi stair railings with many models and projects. In accordance with developing technologies and standards, we present stylish designs, light and useful materials to your taste by maintaining our position at the top of the sector.

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Plexi stair handrail, with color or colorless options, is know for being extremely durable. In addition to this, you can capture any elegance that you want with transparent or translucent options. It offers you a light elegance with a plexi material option that is more durable and lighter than glass. We render a service with price and suitability for use in all areas. Our service mentality is high-level, but continues to collect your appreciation, too. We combine you at the point where aesthetics and quality meet by producing the highest quality and the most durable product in accordance with the needs and wishes of the sector with the wide and technological systems of our company, which is completely domestic production-oriented with its strong financial structure. We contribute to the service industry with our plexi newel, plexi balustrade,plexi cap and plexi rod practices. We are moving rapidly towards our goals by contributing to the sector to combine the quality and aesthetics, taking into account your appreciation with its unique designs.


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Our Values


As Şahin Plexi, we are always respectful and understanding both in the company and to the customers.


We specialize in plexi handrail systems.


Our high-quality manufacturing materials and equipments contribute to the flexibility of our products.


We consistently follow innovations and promise our customers the best-quality products.

Cooperation and Altruism

We value the Turkish industry that creates business opportunities and contributes to Turkish economy and prosperty

Design and Function

We develop stylish and functional products.

If you have questions about our products or want to get a price quote, contact us.